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The code of conduct is an essential instrument to the Company in implementing the good corporate governance to improve integrity of the Company’s personnel. The Company believes that a balance implementation of best practive governance, an improvement of integrity and a proper moral foundation will maintain the business continuity of the Company. This is contained in the Company’s codes of conduct which regulates principles and standards of conducts to consistently ensure that the Company’s personnel comply with the law, provision, and manage assets in a proper manner and behave wisely and ethically in carrying out the business activities. The code of conduct also regulates the interaction of the Company with the stakeholders, the suppliers, the market, and the fellow employees by upholding accountability whereby the personnel of Company carry out its responsibilities and authorities responsibly.

  • Ethics to Clients, All the Company’s employees treat clients in sympathetic and respectfull manners and care about the customers’ needs.
  • Ethics to Suppliers, All the Company’s employees act in accordance with the Company’s provisions when representing the company in cooperating with the suppliers.
  • Ethics to Creditors, The Company conducts cooperation with the Creditors professionally and with mutual benefit.
  • Ethics to Competitors, The Company supports competitive business climate by upholding the business ethics
  • Ethics to Law Enforcement, The Company maintains good relationship with the law enforcement in ethical methots and within the limits permitted by law.
  • Ethics to Government, The Company continously tighthen and maintain good communicative communication with the Government especially related to the Company’s business activities in ethical methods and within the limits permitted by law.
  • Ethics to Community and Living Environment, The Company is committed to running the business sustainably by minimizing environmental impacts and implementing community empowerment.
  • Ethics to Company, The Company is committed to create harmonious work environment and treating all personnel of the Company as members of the Company in fair and respectable manners.
  • Ethics to Shareholders, All the Company’s members have a responsibility for the continuity of the Company in accordance with their duties and responsibilities.



The work ethics stated in the codes of conduct cover:
1. Compliance to law
2. Avoiding any conflict of interest
3. Avoiding gift-giving related to the business activities
4. Similar opportunity to obtain job and promotion
5. Concern for occupational health and safety and environmental preservation
6. Protection of business information
7. Protection of company assets
8. Prohibition to involve in any political activity both directly and indirectly
9. Prohibition to act immorally and consume narcotics

The Implementation of Codes of Conduct

The Codes of Conduct is valid and binds all personnel of the Company including the Management, the Board of Directors and the Board of Commissioners.


The Company periodically conducts dissemination on the codes of conduct to all personnel of the Company.