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To support the implementation of good corporate governance,the Company applies the Whistleblowing System. The whistleblowing system also upholds the Company’s commitment to the highest ethical standards in running the company’s business as stated in the Decree of the Company’s Board of Directors number 001/PBS-DIR/IX/2017 concerning Guidelines of Whistleblowing System.

Management of Whistleblowing System
In its implementation, each violation that occurs shall be reported to the Audit Committee via email namely komiteaudit@ paramita.co.id. And WhatsApp on 0878 8866 2211. Then, any report received will be reported and processed further by coordinating with the Internal Audit Department. If the reported party proves to have committed a violation against the company regulation, he/she will be followed up pursuant to the applicable law or regulation of the company. In the Guidelines of the Whistleblowing System, the protection of identity confidentiality for a whistle blower is conducted, including from the party who is reported and related to the work activities.

Protection for Whistleblowers
The Company is determined to provide protection for the whistleblower while maintaining the confidentiality of the reporter and so does the reported party before there is further evidence. In addition, the Company also protects against retaliation that is reported / reported in connection with work activities (protection from pressure, postponement of promotion, dismissal, etc.).

Number of Complaints Violation and Respond
During 2020, the Company has no complaints received.